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41 Examples of Media Objectives

Media objectives are meaningful results of communication. These are relevant to achieving goals but aren't necessarily goals themselves. For example, improving a conversion rate is a common media objective that corresponds to business goals such as revenue. The following are common examples of media objectives.
Amplification Rate
Applause Rate
Bounce Rate
Brand Recognition
Brand Safety
Conversion Rate
Cost Per Acquisition
Cost Per Conversion / Click
Cost Per Thousand Impressions
Customer Advocacy
Customer Behavior
Customer Experience
Customer Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction
Earned Actions
Impressions / Views
Lifetime Value
Market Share
Quality Score
Recurring Revenue
Return on Spend
Session Duration
Share of Voice
Share of Wallet
Amplification rate is a measure of how often your followers share your posts with their followers.
Applause rate is the percentage of your followers who respond positively to a post or message.
Awareness is a message that gets across. For example, brand awareness whereby a customer associates your brand with a target product category or positive concept.
Customer advocacy is an answer to a single survey question that asks if customers would recommend you to others.
Share of wallet is a revenue measure that estimates how much of a customer's spend on a product category you have captured.
Share of voice is a spending metric that indicates how much you are spending on media relative to the total spend by all competitors in your market.

Media Goals

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