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8 Types of Information Quality

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Information quality is the value of information for a given use. The following are common types of information quality.


Information that is correct.


The level of detail information provides. For example, there is a difference between knowing that a company's earnings will be "good" as opposed to knowing their numbers.


Information that comes from a reputable source.


Information may only be actionable for a limited period of time and quickly losses its value.


The scope, depth and coverage of information. For example, a customer satisfaction metric based on feedback from all of your customers is more complete than a rating based on feedback from three customers.


The potential of information to improve the quality of decisions or solve problems.


In some cases, a secret or unique analysis is worth more than something that everyone knows.


Information is data that is meant to be used by people. As such, quality information is designed for human comprehension. If most observers misinterpret an information item, it can be considered low quality even if it is technically correct. For example, a statistic that is based on real data but presented in a misleading way.
Overview: Information Quality
The value of information for a particular use.
Information quality is often confused with the quality of information technology. For example, things like availability, accessibility and security are properties of information technology.
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