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26 Examples of a Social Feature

A social feature is functionality built into a product or service that facilitates social processes between users. This includes social media services that are mostly based on social features and products that include social features as a secondary function. The following are common examples of a social feature.
Anonymity - allowing users to interact through an online persona and alias
Banning users who aren't humans
Collaboration Tools (e.g. collaborative editing)
Communication Tools
Cooperative Play - ability to cooperatively pursue missions in a virtual environment such as a game
Ephemeral Messaging - messages that disappear
Likes / Dislikes
Microblogging - restricting the length of posts
Multiplayer Games / Gamification
Presence - showing users who is currently online
Privacy Tools (e.g. choosing to share things only with people who are in a particular social network you created)
Publishing Media
Reputation Systems (e.g. banning users based on perceived behavior)
Sharing Media
Social Networking - allowing users to create social links between each other that represent a social network
Team Features (e.g. shared workspace)
User Profiles
Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality Interaction
Overview: Social Features
Functionality built into a product or service that facilitates social processes between users.
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