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41 Examples of Product Planning

Product planning is the overall process of bringing a product from concept-to-market. This includes large processes such as market research, product strategy, product development, go-to-market, product marketing and product management. The following are basic examples of the end-to-end process in sequence.
Market research
Customer needs
Customer perceptions
Competitive analysis
Market trends
Product objectives
Target market
Product ideation
Product positioning
Product branding
Feasibility assessment
Concept development
Proof of concept
Business case
Prioritization and approvals
Product strategy
Product roadmap
Product development
Cross-functional collaboration
Feature prioritization
Product design
Minimum viable product
Quality testing
Market testing
Operations planning
Go-to-market strategy
Product training
Customer service strategy
Marketing strategy
Distribution strategy
Promotion strategy
Pricing strategy
Sales strategy
Launch strategy
Launch and marketing
Product marketing
Product management
Customer feedback
Customer advocacy
Continuous improvement and optimization
A product typically originates from a large number of ideas. A few of these may become business cases. Business units will then evaluate business cases to prioritize products for development. This is how large organizations typically work with small firms potentially having more direct processes.
Go-to-market strategy is a complete plan for operationalizing, launching and marketing a product to achieve initial market penetration.
Once a product is launched it is marketed, managed and continually improved with a process of testing, measurement, customer feedback and customer advocacy.
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