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21 Examples of Product Functions

A product function is something that a product or service can do. This is captured by functional requirements. The following are illustrative examples.
A beverage is nutritious.
A chair allows the user to configure seating height.
A document box seals air out.
A drill has a reverse function that can remove screws.
A flight booking system allows agents to reschedule a booking.
A game allows users to configure the skill of non-player characters.
A game allows users to explore a large virtual world that is filled with nature and fictional ancient civilizations.
A hammer hits nails into materials such as wood.
A microwave heats food or beverages.
A mobile app displays the probability of precipitation by the hour for 36 hours from the current time.
A pressurized pen can write upside down.
A radar system detects moving objects in the sky.
A security appliance scans network traffic and can filter out request patterns.
A security system can be configured to notify homeowners when a package is delivered.
A snowboard allows riders to navigate snowy mountain environments at high speed.
A system authenticates users.
A toothpaste has an abrasive function whereby it can be used to dislodge materials from the surface of teeth.
An air conditioner has a dehumidification function.
An ethernet cable can be used to power devices.
Sewing shears cut clean patterns in fabric.
The front desk of a hotel handles guest inquiries.

Functional Requirements

Despite the name, functional requirements may specify far more than product functions. For example, they may specify quality aspects of a product or product features.

Function vs Feature

A function is what a product does and a feature is how it does it. For example, the function of a microwave is to heat food and a button on the microwave is a feature.
Overview: Product Functions
What a product or service can do.
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