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4 Types of Product Feature

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A feature is a function or characteristic of a product or service that has value to customers. The following are the basic types of feature.


The artistic elements of form, shape, line, color, tone, space and texture. For example, the form and color of a bicycle helmet may be considered a feature by customers.


Functions are things that a product or service accomplishes. Each function helps a customer perform a task. For example, a coffee mug holds hot or cold beverages.


The intangible elements of products and services that define end-to-end customer experience. For example, how a coffee cup feels in your hand or how it wears with time.


The merit of a product or service including both intangible and tangible elements. For example, the taste of food and the health properties of ingredients.
Overview: Product Features
A function or characteristic of a product or service that has value to customers.
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