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6 Examples of Out Of The Box

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Out of the box are product or service features that work immediately without any effort on the part of the customer. The following are illustrative examples.


A sales force automation platform that is immediately available to support sales processes without need of configuration.


Business software that can automatically import your emails from a cloud email service.


Furniture that requires no assembly.


Rechargeable batteries that arrive pre-charged using solar power.


An app that automatically works with your social media accounts.


A data storage device that plugs into your laptop and is immediately available for use.
Overview: Out Of The Box
Definition (1)
Product or service features that work immediately without effort on the part of the customer.
Definition (2)
Product or service features that work without configuration, assembly or customization.
In many cases, out-of-the-box can be considered an annoyance or problem. For example, if media software starts automatically scanning your computer for images, videos and music files it may capture a large number of irrelevant files that get in the way of enjoyable use of the tool.
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