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37 Examples of Technological Factors

Technological factors are changes to technology that influences the strategy of organizations. This term is applied to external factors as opposed to the state of your internal technology. Technological factors can influence your entire strategy and apply to far more than your information technology department. For example, technologies that lower barriers to entry in your industry, transform business models or change customer expectations. The following are common examples of technological factors.
Accessibility Practices
Architectural Approaches
Communication Technology (e.g. Digital Marketing Ecosystem)
Consumer Devices
Customer Expectations Regarding Technology
Customer Experience & Technology (e.g. gamification)
Data Management Practices
Efficiency & Technology (e.g. advancements to transportation technology)
End of Support
Information Security Threats
Information Security Vulnerabilities
Management & Technology (e.g. decision making tools and data)
New Components (e.g. chips)
New Materials
Operations & Technology (e.g. internet of things)
Organizational Culture & Technology (e.g. work from home)
Partnerships & Outsourcing
Pricing Models (e.g. utility computing)
Process Automation
Productivity & Technology (e.g. software & apps)
Regulations (e.g. data privacy directives)
Technology Capabilities
Technology Competencies (skills, talent and knowledge)
Technology Costs
Technology Culture
Technology Economics
Technology Governance Practices
Technology Operations Practices
Technology Platforms
Technology Products & Services
Technology Risks
Usability Practices

Technological Factors

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