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70 Examples of the Technology Environment

A technology environment is the state of technology at a time and place. This is an external factor that firms and individuals can't control. Technology greatly influences competition, markets, social conditions, customer needs and quality of life such that changes to the technology environment can have a broad impact on societies, industries, firms, cultures and individuals. The following are common examples of the technology environment.
Access to Technology / Information / Data
Artificial Intelligence
Change to Working Conditions
Computing Speed / Efficiency
Consumer Perceptions of Technology
Consumer Technology
Consumerization of Technology - businesses increasingly use devices designed for consumers
Cryptographic Technologies
Cutting Edge Technologies
Decentralized Technologies
Digital Citizenship - technology as a right or civic obligation
Digital Communication Tools
Digital Convergence - tendency for one device to replace many devices
Digital Education
Digital Goods
Digital Infrastructure
Digital Literacy
Digital Payments / Currency
Disruptive Technology - rapid change to industry and culture caused by a technology
Diy Technology
Dominant Technologies
Energy Efficiency
Environmental Impact of Technology
Game Platforms
Information Environments
Information Overload
Information Security Threats
Information Security Vulnerabilities
Internet Connectivity / Speed
Internet of Things
Labor Market Shifts - changing demand for technological skills
Long Tail - the ability for amateurs to compete with professionals using technology
Maker Culture
Media Culture
Media Platforms
Media Production Technologies
Mixed Reality
Mobile Apps
Mobile Devices
New Designs
New Industries
New Materials
New Methods & Processes
New Platforms
Physical Technology
Privacy Regulations / Expectations / Needs
Production Automation
Productivity Tools
Remote Working Tools
Resistance to Technological Change
Space Technology
Technological Change
Technological Lifestyles
Technological Nationalism
Technological Rights - e.g. right to repair
Technological Risks
Technology Companies
Technology Culture
Technology Economics
Technology Markets
Technology Monopolies / Anti-competitive Practices
Technology Regulations
Usability Preferences / Expectations
User Interfaces
Video Game Culture
Video Games
Virtual Worlds
Overview: Technology Environment
The state of technology at a time and place.
Also Known As
Technological Environment
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