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What is a Conceptual Framework?

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A conceptual framework is a structure that outlines a vocabulary, model and a set of conventions that can be used to solve problems in a particular domain.


Conceptual frameworks are used to solve problems. For example, a football playbook can be considered a conceptual framework for the sport of American football that provides a set of tactics that are encoded with keywords. This is used to solve problems in the midst of a game by providing a vocabulary for a set of actions that can be taken as a team.


The value of a conceptual framework is that it organizes information into a standard format that is specifically designed to achieve a goal such as winning a football game.
Overview: Conceptual Framework
A conceptual framework may be standardized across an industry, profession or organization providing a common vocabulary and toolset to support business activities.
Common Pitfalls
Conceptual frameworks are meant to be useful tools that people want to use to solve problems. In some cases, frameworks are viewed as bureaucratic paperwork that go unused.
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