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34 Examples of Market Factors

Market factors are external factors that influence business. This includes the state of competition, culture and the economy. Market factors also include the behavior, needs and perceptions of customers. The following are common types of market factors.
Barriers to Entry
Branding & Reputation (of competition)
Business Models
Competencies (skills and knowledge of competition)
Competition for Talent (labor market)
Consumer Confidence
Culture Change
Customer Behavior
Customer Experience (of competition)
Customer Needs
Customer Perceptions
Customer Preferences
Customer Satisfaction (of competition)
Direct Competition
Distribution Channels
Indirect Competition
Intellectual Property
Interest Rates
Know-how (of competition)
Market Growth
Media & Advertising (e.g. digital advertising ecosystem)
Partners & Suppliers
Political Change
Price Competition
Product Design (of competition)
Revenue Models
Service Experience (of competition)
Substitute Goods
Technological Change
Substitute goods are products and services that indirectly compete with your offerings. For example, restaurants indirectly compete with supermarkets as a supply of food.

Market Analysis

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