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Market Research
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Market Analysis vs Market Research

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Market analysis is an exploration of an industry, market or niche.
Market research is an exploration of target markets and customers.

Market Analysis vs Market Research

Market analysis occurs at the strategic level to make decisions such as entering markets, leaving markets and making investments. It is focused on the structure of an industry, sub-industry, sector, market or niche market. Market analysis typically includes factors such as market size, growth rate, profitability, cost structure, trends, distribution channels and competitive environment.
The term market research is heavily associated with marketing strategy in areas such as product development, promotion, pricing and distribution. Market research may include a market analysis but also takes a deeper look at the customer. For example, a fashion company that is considering launching a line of shoes may conduct market research to understand why some shoes sell well and others flop on the market. They may consider factors such as customer needs, fashion trends, competition and influencers in the market to determine how their brand might fit in.
Market Analysis vs Market Research
Market Analysis
Market Research
Analysis of an industry, sector, market or niche.
Analysis of target markets and customers.
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Market Structure
Market Details
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Market Research

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