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15 Examples of Market Analysis

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Market analysis is the assessment of the market for a product or service. Markets can include entire industries, a product category, niche or target market defined by factors such as customer needs and preferences. Market analysis is typically conducted as part of the planning of a business, brand, product or service. The following are common types of market analysis.
Target Market
The customers that you want to sell to.
Target Audience
The customers that you want to reach with a message.
Customer Needs
Identifying customer needs such as functions a customer wants to avoid in a product.
Customer Perceptions
Identifying customer perceptions such as perceptions of quality.
Customer Preferences
Identifying customer preferences such as styles.
Customer Expectations
What do customers expect of a product or service and can you really compete in a particular market.
Market Size Analysis
Determining total addressable market and other estimates of market size.
Demographic Analysis
Looking at demographics such as age.
Psychographic Analysis
Looking at how people think such as concern for environmental or social issues.
Behavioral Analysis
How customers behave such as purchasing habits for a product category.
Geographic Analysis
Identifying customers by geographical location.
Competitive Analysis
Analysis of competitive factors such as the brand, features, prices and quality of competitors.
Market Segmentation
Breaking your target market into subgroups.
Positioning Analysis
Identifying a valuable and unique position for your products, brands and promotions.
Customer Value Analysis
Why do customers really purchase and can you offer more value than the competition.
Market analysis mostly relates to selecting a target market or target audience whereas marketing analysis or market research are broader pursuits.
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