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5 Examples of Market Potential

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Market potential is an estimate of the maximum sales of a product or service. It is a somewhat imaginary estimate as it assumes that you capture the entire market for a product. Nevertheless, it can be a useful reference. The following are illustrative examples of a market potential.


The size of an entire industry such as fast food. This type of estimate tends to be accurate as governments and industry associations may publish relevant data.

Product Category

An entire product category such as boots.


Looking at market potential for a niche product or brand. For example, the size of the market for high-end snowboarding boots.

Target Market

Estimates of market potential for a product with a specific target market based on factors such as price, lifestyle or demographics. For example, the size of the market for children's snowboarding boots.


Considering the reach of your distribution channels. For example, if you sell snowboarding boots in Canada and Europe you might estimate the size of these markets. This is also known as serviceable available market.
Overview: Market Potential
An estimate of the total size of a market for a product or service.
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