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60 Examples of Customer Complaints

A customer complaint is a customer statement that an order, situation, product, service or experience is unsatisfactory or unacceptable. These may be voiced to you directly via any channel that the customer has to reach you. It is also common for complaints to be published in venues such as social media and reviews. As such, handling complaints is viewed as an element of public relations. The following are common examples of customer complaints.
Billing errors and disputes
Complicated user interfaces
Damaged or defective products
Delivery delays
Difficulty canceling orders or services
Difficulty changing orders or service subscriptions
Difficulty in contacting customer service
Difficulty in reaching a person
Difficulty managing account
Difficulty using product or service
Difficulty with refunds or exchanges
Ethical concerns
Failure to honor discounts
Failure to meet customer expectations
Failure to respect customer status or tier
Hidden fees
Impolite staff
Inadequate follow-up to inquiries
Inadequate service environments
Inconsistent experience across channels
Inconsistent experience across locations
Inconsistent experience over time
Incorrect orders
Issues with loyalty or reward programs
Lack of configuration options
Lack of order or status updates
Lack of product information
Misleading advertising
Misleading pricing
Mismanagement of customer accounts
Out-of-stock items
Overcrowded services such as long waits in lines
Perceived changes to quality levels
Poor cleanliness or hygiene
Poor communication
Poor packaging
Poor product performance
Poor product quality
Poor service quality
Poorly trained staff
Pricing discrepancies
Problems with installation or setup
Product color not as depicted
Product not as described
Service incidents
Service outages
Shipping errors
Slow response time
Slow services
Technical issues
Unauthorized orders or changes
Unexpected charges
Unfriendly or unhelpful service
Unpopular changes to services or products
Unprofessional staff
Unreliable or outdated product information
Unresponsive support
Unsatisfactory customer experience such as the taste of food
Unsatisfactory return policy
Updates that are viewed as downgrades
Successfully turning dissatisfaction into satisfaction with complaint handling is known as service recovery. Strangely, this often results in more loyal customers -- a well known phenomena known as the service recovery paradox.
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