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50 Examples of Customer Behavior

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Customer behavior are patterns of customer thought and action that are relevant to marketing in areas such as product design, pricing, promotion, customer experience and sales. The following are illustrative examples.
Product research
Impulse buying
Brand loyalty
Brand switching
Comparison shopping
Reading reviews
Writing reviews
Post-purchase regret
Complaining on social media
Browsing without intent to buy
Coupon clipping
Word of mouth
Product returns
Joining loyalty programs
Sharing product experiences in social media
Abandoning shopping carts
Checking products in shop but buying online
Reading product labels
Customer feedback
Adopting new technologies
Wishlist creation
Price watching
Response to sales
Product and industry enthusiasts
Customer advocacy
Sharing discount codes
Product customization
Buying local
Preference for personal attention
Preference for self-service
Variety seeking behaviors
Seeking advice before a purchase
Watching video reviews of products
Charitable purchases
Status seeking
Preference for environmental products
Cautious spending
Gift giving related shopping behaviors
Resale shopping
Buying limited-edition products
Avoiding subscriptions and commitments
Reviewing terms and conditions
Influenced by influencers
Trying free products
Seasonal shopping patterns
Only buying sale items
Price insensitivity and buying when convenient
Asking for assistance
Worrying about an order


The process by which customers decide they need something. For example, a customer who decides they need new cookware after watching a cooking show that featured a new technology.


A customer's fundamental drives. For example, a customer who plays video games in order to enjoy a sense of epic meaning.


The process that a customer uses to discover and research products. For example, a customer who uses an ecommerce tool to search for products that have good reviews.

Purchasing Decisions

How a customer decides which product to buy. For example, a bicycling enthusiast who researches every detail of a purchase such that they are more likely to buy products that provide rich details about design and performance.

Customer Loyalty

Why customers stick to a product such that they make repeat purchases and why they leave. For example, a customer who buys the same shampoo for 4 years but gets inspired to try something new after they find their regular product is out of stock at their local supermarket.

Technology Adoption

Why customers decide to take the leap to try a new technology or innovation. For example, a customer who prides themselves as being an ethical consumer who is often amongst the first to try a new product that reduces damage to the environment.

Price Sensitivity

How customers feel about prices in a particular product category. For example, a customer who views ice cream as a luxury because they rarely consume sweets such that they are price insensitive and likely to buy the most expensive item on the shelf.


Customers perceptions of things such as brands, quality, reputation, value and risk. For example, a customer who feels it is a big risk to buy a product that has no reviews on a particular ecommerce site.

Product Use

How customers use products and services. For example, why a customer stays engaged with a mobile app.

Post-Purchase Evaluation

How customers feel about past purchases and why. For example, a customer who swears they will never fly on a particular airline again after they receive poor customer service.

Word of Mouth

How and why customers share information with others such as product reviews, complaints and recommendations.


The following are common types of customer behavior.


Customer behavior is personal and differs widely between customers. For example, some customers prefer personal service and attention while others prefer self-service.
Definition: Customer Behavior
Patterns of customer thought and action that are relevant to marketing.
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