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11 Types of Testing

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Testing is a process of verification that things conform to requirements and specifications. The following are common types of testing.

User Acceptance Testing

Business units confirm that deliverables meet their requirements.

Regression Testing

Tests that confirm that existing functionality wasn't broken by changes.

Operational Testing

Testing processes together with process dependencies such as systems and documents.

Performance Testing

Testing the performance of systems, processes, infrastructure and equipment under stressed conditions such as high load.

Security Testing

Scanning for information security vulnerabilities and executing simulated attacks.

Compliance Testing

Tests designed to validate that processes, products, services and systems comply with laws and regulations.

Conformance Testing

Tests designed to validate that processes, products, services and systems conform to standards, specifications or contracts.

Non-Functional Testing

Testing the quality of project and operational outputs.

Sensory Analysis

Testing things that require human senses such as the test of food or smell of coffee.

Quality Control

Testing the quality of service interactions, product units and process outputs.

Acceptance Sampling

Testing a statistically significant subset of operational outputs as opposed to every product off an assembly line and every service interaction.
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