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7 Examples of Quality Specifications

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Quality specifications are detailed requirements that define the quality of a product, service or process. Quality includes tangible elements such as measurements and intangible elements such as smell and taste. The following are illustrative examples of quality specifications.


Precise definitions that are used to sort food into quality grades. For example, apples might be sorted according to size, ripeness, color, symmetry and condition to offer a premium and non-premium grade.


A bicycle manufacturer performs automated quality control testing on all units before shipping based on specifications such as detailed measurements designed to ensure that a bicycle's tire is properly aligned to its assembly.


A solar panel manufacturer guarantees the conversion efficiency of its modules over time. This is based on a specification of rated power output and percentage of that output that can be expected as the panels approach end-of-life, often 25 years.


The amount of a high quality ingredient in a product. For example, a beverage that is 30% organic pineapple juice.


Material quality such as the thread count of a fabric.


Specifications for the performance of a software service such as a 99.99% availability rate.


A hotel chain defines detailed specifications of what it means for a room to be clean. This is used to define processes for cleaning services and quality control checks.
Overview: Quality Specifications
Detailed requirements that define the quality of a product, service or process.
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