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42 Examples of Quality Principles

A quality principle is a foundational statement that is used to define quality for an organization or standard. These are typically very short statements that capture the value of products and services to customers. Another way to look at this is that a quality statement captures the difference between a low and high quality offering. The following are common examples.
Put customers first
Industry leadership
Continuous learning and development
Respect for the individual
Meeting commitments
Listening to customers
Move the line – set higher standards than the competition
Personal attention
Prevention over correction
Zero defects
Quality by design
Waste elimination
Build for durability
Do good
Be financially responsible
Operate ethically
Take ownership
Do your research
Attention to detail
Service to the customer
Do the right thing
Say it, do it
Own outcomes
Advocate for the customer
Service mindset
Master the fundamentals
Substance over flash
Pursuit of style, culture and aesthetics
Good work takes time
Get it right
Be rigorous
Treat customers the way you’d like to be treated
Improve often
Speed matters
Evidence-based decisions
People first
Safety first
Build relationships
Solve problems with design
Scale quality with processes
Some of the principles above can be viewed as opposites. This is due to the fit for purpose nature of quality whereby what is high quality to one product may be low quality to another.
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