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14 Examples of Quality Inspection

 , December 31, 2022 updated on November 18, 2023
A quality inspection is a test to confirm that a material, component, product or service conforms to a standard or requirement. This is a foundational element of quality assurance and quality control that confirms that products and services are fit for purpose. The following are illustrative examples of a quality inspection.

Automated Testing

Testing that is automatically conducted by software and machines such as sensors and robotics.
Software runs on a streaming media device to confirm it can play various types of media.
A camera is used to scan the surface of a snowboard for imperfections.
A thermometer is used on a production line to confirm that milk has been delivered at the correct temperature before it's used to produce baked goods.
A scanner on a production line confirms that widgets are exactly the correct dimensions.
A sorting machine at an agricultural cooperative automatically grades apples into four categories.
A computer in a vehicle runs a self-assessment when it is first booted and reports results to a quality control system at a factory.
A machine on a bicycle production line confirms each wheel is properly aligned and spins without a wobble.

Manual Inspection

An inspection by a person.
A traditional Japanese papermaker evaluates the look and feel of each batch of paper to grade each batch.
A quality control technician performs random sampling on bottled water that exits a production line whereby bottles are randomly selected for lab analysis.
A building inspector inspects a new home at various points in the construction process.
A chef visually inspects each entreé for presentation and consistency before it goes out.
Workers in a guitar factory briefly tune and play each guitar that comes off the line to confirm its quality.

Sensory Analysis

The use of human senses to sample quality.
A chef tastes a pot of soup before serving it customers.
A winery samples a vat of wine with a swirl, sniff and sip test.
Overview: Quality Inspection
A test to confirm that a material, component, product or service conforms to a standard or requirement.
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