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9 Examples of Workforce Risk

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Workforce risk is the potential for losses related to employees, contractors, freelancers and other positions in a workforce. This includes any challenges an organization has to attract, develop, retain and manage workers. The following are common examples of workforce risk.

Resource Risk

Inability to recruit, retain and gain productivity from resources.

Health & Safety Risk

The risk of workplace health and safety incidents.

Workforce Turnover

Employees and other workers leaving.

Performance Risk

The risk of low performing contributors.

Productivity Risk

The risk of low productivity. This can be due to factors other than performance such as technology, infrastructure or facility outages.

Skills Shortfall

Inability to secure the requisite skills and competencies.

Workforce Engagement

Risks related to workforce engagement such as employees who are often late with deliverables.


A workforce that is often absent leading to problems of productivity, collaboration and coordination of work.

Compliance Risk

The risk of compliance violations related to your workforce.
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