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11 Examples of Customer Risk

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Customer risk is the potential for losses related to a customer. Customers are most typically viewed as opportunities but can also produce losses in various ways. As such, firms may engage in a process of due diligence and risk assessment before taking on a customer. The following are common examples of customer risk.

Credit Risk

The risk that a customer will not pay you. This includes common risks such as customer insolvency.

Fraud Risk

The risk that customers will engage in fraudulent activities.

Product Returns

The risk that customers will return products and cancel services resulting in a loss at the level of the customer.

Dispute Risk

The risk of a dispute with a customer that drains resources or generates negative publicity.

Reputation Risk

Damage to your reputation caused by customers actions such as negative reviews.

Concentration Risk

The risk of overdependence on a single large customer.

Product Liability Risk

The risk of liability related to your products or services.

Operational Risk

Operational risk such as the potential for overconsumption by a customer to crash a service.

Cybersecurity Risk

The potential for a cybersecurity incident related to a customer.

Ethical Risk

The potential for customers to use your products and services in some unethical way to damage people and planet.

Compliance Risk

Compliance violations related to a customer. In the context of banking, the term customer risk relates to anti-money laundering compliance.
Customer risk applies to the risk related to a customer relationship. General risks related to loss of customer revenue are marketing risks, market risks or revenue risks.
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