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16 Examples of Capacity Risk

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Capacity risk is the potential for losses or low performance due to limited ability to meet demand for a resource. This can include failures triggered by capacity issues such as system outages. Capacity risk can also relate to failures to meet obligations or missed opportunities that arise due to an inability to scale a resource. The following are common areas of capacity risk.
Call center capacity
Computing loads
Cooling capacity
Data storage capacity
Facility capacity
Infrastructure capacity
Manufacturing capacity
Office space
Resource capacity
Service capacity
Staffing levels
Supply chain capacity
System capacity
Transportation capacity
Visitor capacity
Warehouse space


Capacity risk is the potential for resource limitations to cause losses or low performance. For example, an online video game that promotes a new release only to have massive outages at launch due to unexpectedly high demand for the service. Capacity risks can apply to physical resources such as warehouse space, technical resources such as data storage space, process throughput and staffing limitations.
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