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25 Examples of Leadership Goals

Leadership goals are targets for getting people moving in the same direction. Unlike management or governance, leadership can occur at any level of an organization and can operate independently of authority. The following are illustrative examples of leadership goals.


Developing plans to achieve business goals.
Develop a strategy to reduce the unit cost of our helmet products by 20%.


Developing plans to take advantage of the current situation.
Our largest competitor has unexpectedly gone bankrupt. Move quickly to investigate if we can purchase their intellectual property, facilities and hire their top talent.


Culture are the intangible characteristics of an organization or team such as norms, habits and expectations.
Increase our sense of team comradery. Measurement: employee survey "Do you feel a strong sense of comradery with your team?"


Changing things with programs, projects, initiatives and action items.
Retire our bloated and inefficient systems and replace them with systems that are light, agile and highly usable. Measurement: productivity rate


Creativity is the pursuit of non-obvious value.
Develop an advertisement that gains attention despite a low budget. Measurement: audience reach per dollar of spend


Leadership goals aren't necessarily measurable and can be presented as an ongoing mission statement that has no start, end or specific measure.
Make the safest and most stylish helmets on the market without damaging the planet.


A vision is a statement of your goals as a picture of the future.
An education system that is free, open and inspiring that provides all people the opportunity to pursue and develop their talents.


Goals that specify desirable future outcomes.
Improve the French of elementary students such that they can all compose essays in the language by grade 6.


Increasing the value created in an hour of work.
Improve productivity by 10% by outsourcing non-core work.


Efficiency is the output you get for a unit of input.
Improve yield per hectare with companion planting techniques.


Management is the practice of directing people and controlling resources with formal authority. Many leaders are also managers.
Improve the customer service process by recording customer requests and using this information to customize service for the customer in future. Measurement: improve customer satisfaction to 81%


Developing or improving business capabilities.
Develop a daily benchmark of prices against major competitors.


Governance is the process of providing detached oversight.
Provide oversight of management expense reports to validate that all expenses were driven by business need.

Risk Management

Identifying and treating risk to reduce future losses.
Reduce supply risk by diversifying our suppliers to include local firms.


A goal to influence your team, organization, industry, community or society.
Influence technology strategy to establish the principle that data be encrypted in storage, transit and use.

Political Capital

Political capital is a store of influence that can be used as required.
Develop a network of professional connections in the IT team.


Inspiring others to act.
Frame project communications to tell the story of the competitive threats we are facing and why this change is urgent.

Change Management

Change management is the process of leading change that faces organizational issues such as resistance to change.
Work with operations to ensure they are engaged in the service automation project. Goal: operations acceptance of the project.


Goals to communicate meaning and emotion to others.
Develop a kickoff message that creates a sense of pride in our recent accomplishments.


Compliance to laws, rules, regulations, standards and best practices.
Develop an digital asset tracking system to comply with information security best practices.


Developing and communicating knowledge.
Experiment with companion plantings to develop strategies to increase yield.


Developing the talents of individuals.
Coach junior team members to improve their coding skills.


Improving the performance of processes, teams and individuals.
Improve provisioning turnaround time by 5% to 10% by asking customers for IT and facility contacts upfront when the order is placed.


Achieving your values.
Increase our production of biochar to have a positive overall environmental impact.

Think Global, Act Local

Think global, act local is acting to make the world a better place within the areas that you can realistically influence.
Lead the industry in reducing waste to set a higher bar for environmental stewardship.


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