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What is an Intranet?

 , updated on December 20, 2016
An intranet is a private network used by a single organization or office location. They typically have outgoing internet connectivity but internal resources aren't accessible from the internet due to security controls such as firewall rules.

Other Definitions

The term intranet is often interpreted to mean the internal version of the internet. This can be viewed either from a network perspective or from a functional perspective such as an internal website. As such, some firms refer to a particular internal website as "the intranet." In most cases, this refers to a content management system that is used internally to publish documents and web pages. This definition of intranet is inaccurate as many organizations have dozens or perhaps hundreds of internal websites. As such, calling one internal website the intranet is analogous to calling one external website the internet. An intranet is a network.
Overview: Intranet
Information Technology
Definition (1)A private network based on internet technologies.
Definition (2)An IP based network that restricts access to a single office location or organization.
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