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3 Examples of an Endpoints

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Endpoint is a common information technology term that is used to describe the far edges of a network. This has several variations:

Service Endpoint

The address that is used to connect to a service such as a URL for a website. Behind a URL there is often a great deal of infrastructure that is used to provide a service such as load balancers, firewalls, computing units and APIs. The term endpoint is used to distinguish between internal interfaces and addresses and those used by clients.

Network Endpoints

Network endpoints are the final destinations of a network such as a home internet connection. The internet currently has around 4 billion endpoints. The term endpoint is used to distinguish between the network connections used by users and all the infrastructure used internally by a network.

Endpoint Device

The term endpoint is also commonly used to describe a class of devices that consume IT services. This can be used to distinguish between devices that produce services such as servers. Endpoint devices include things such as vehicles, infrastructure, laptops, mobile devices and electronics that make requests for services over a network.
Overview: Endpoints
Definition (1)
Final destinations for traffic on a network.
Definition (2)
A class of devices that consume services such as mobile phones or laptop computers.
Definition (3)
The interfaces and addresses used to access a service.
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