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3 Examples of Pervasive Networks

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A pervasive network is a large scale network that appears to operate almost everywhere using a large number of networks that self-organize to offer unified services. The following are illustrative examples.


Using wifi to provide shared services across a city, nation or region. Devices would automatically connect to multiple available wifi networks and switch to the strongest networks automatically. This is a potential alternative to the broadband cellular network technology currently used by most mobile devices.

Cellular Networks

Broadband cellular networks based on standards such as 4G that provide services including mobile web and IP telephony across a region.

Internet of Things

The internet of things is when everyday things are given computers and network capabilities to extend their functionality. In theory, these devices could share network resources to create pervasive networks that are resilient. For example, a city with billions of network capable things such as smart windows whereby each thing shares its network resources according to a standard protocol.
Overview: Pervasive Networks
A large scale network that appears to operate almost everywhere using a large number of networks that self-organize to offer unified services.
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