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6 Examples of a Reverse Proxy

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A reverse proxy is a type of computing service that retrieves resources for clients. Clients view the reverse proxy as a regular server and need not be aware that the proxy is connecting to other servers to fulfill requests. The following are common examples of a reverse proxy.

Load Balancing

A web site publishes the IP of a load balancer for clients. Client requests are forwarded by the load balancer to a pool of servers. This is a way to publish a single IP that can be served by many servers. A means of achieving horizontal scale.


A reverse proxy may implement logic to decide where to forward requests. For example, an API gateway can be implemented as a reverse proxy that decides where to forward API requests based on factors such as load, request type and API parameters.


A reverse proxy may implement services such as TSL encryption. For example, a service for webmasters who want to avoid the complexities of managing their own SSL certificates.

Information Security

A reverse proxy may scan requests and reject anything that looks suspicious. Reverse proxies are commonly used to defend against information security threats such as denial of service attacks.


A reverse proxy may cache requests to improve performance. For example, an air quality information service that requires hundreds of API calls to build a single response may use a reverse proxy to cache responses to reduce server load.

Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network is a type of service that delivers content such as images and videos from data centers that are relatively close to each client. Often implemented as a reverse proxy.
Overview: Reverse Proxy
A type of computing service that retrieves resources for clients.
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