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What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is a dominant model of information technology that builds services on top of scalable platforms that allow many computing resources to be used as a single service.


  1. Shared remote computing resources such as services, computing and data storage that can be scaled on-demand.
  2. Services that are implemented on scalable data center infrastructure and used from devices anywhere over the internet.
  3. A class of information technology that provides reasonably seamless scaling of resources.
  4. Platforms and services designed to use many computers in a data center as a utility that provides computing and storage with self-service tools to request and relinquish resources.
  5. Apps that run on the internet as opposed to your device.
Overview: Cloud Computing
Allows small devices to use significant remote computing resources.
Economies of scale whereby large scale computing resources are constructed from efficiently managed commodity machines.
Sharing resources to be used on-demand can be a more efficient use of capital than everyone purchasing their own equipment.
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