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5 Examples of Innovation Capital

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Innovation capital is a category of intellectual capital that includes anything that helps an organization to innovate beyond the talent of its employees. In other words, where innovation is mostly based on the creative ability of employees, there are types of intangible assets that can help. The following are common examples of innovation capital.


Launching an innovation under a strong brand can be a significant advantage as it may dramatically increase adoption.

Trade Secrets

Competitive advantages that are defended using secrecy. For example, a firm may have superior manufacturing processes that allows a new innovation to be manufactured cheaply at high quality.


Documented knowledge that can be leveraged by innovation teams such as a guide to setting up a business experiment.


Data sets that can be used for experiments, validations or ideas.

Intellectual Property

Legal rights such as patents that prevent the competition from copying an innovation.
Overview: Innovation Capital
Intangible assets that help an organization to innovate beyond the talent of its employees.
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