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10 Examples of Structural Capital

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Structural capital is intellectual capital that is independent of employees. Most of a firm's knowledge exists in the minds of employees. Structural capital is any tool, process or information that helps a firm to retain knowledge or use it to achieve objectives. The following are illustrative examples of structural capital.


Data such as a list of customers.


Information created by employees to document processes, procedures, policy, know-how, research, decisions, failures and any other useful knowledge.


Media such as a training video.


Principles, norms and rules that are adopted as part of a firm's organizational culture.


Business processes such as a semi-automated process for fulfilling orders.


Documented human steps for achieving a result.


Exact steps executed by a machine or system. For example, an algorithm for calculating risk.


Technologies that help employees complete work such as an application.


Technologies that complete work automatically such as a system or robot.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property such as brands, trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.
Overview: Structural Capital
Intellectual capital that is independent of employees.
Structural capital is commonly broken down into three components: organizational capital, process capital and innovation capital.
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