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8 Examples of Productivity Metrics

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Productivity metrics are ways to measure how much is produced for an input such as an hour of work. They are commonly used to manage and improve performance. The following are common examples of productivity metrics.

Lines of Code Per Day

The amount of source code produced per software developer per day. This measure isn't particularly accurate as much code is autogenerated or cut and pasted.

Function Points Per Week

Measuring the productivity of a development team by how many function points they implement in a month or week.

Story Points

Development productivity can also be measured by story points per week.

Units Per Hour

The number of units completed in an hour by a production line.

Average Handle Time

The average time to handle a customer service request such as a refund. Used alone this can be a dangerous metric that encourages poor service. Typically, this is a secondary measurement after quality metrics such as customer satisfaction.

Revenue Per Employee

A broad metric to measure the productivity of an organization. Calculated by dividing revenue by total employees.

Revenue Per Salesperson

A common sales productivity metric is simply to look at how much revenue was generated per salesperson.

Labor Productivity

Productivity can be measured for a nation, region or industry by calculating GDP or revenue per hour worked. Generally speaking, productivity increases over time due to technological and process improvements.
Overview: Productivity Metrics
Measuring how much is produced or completed for a unit of labor or capital.
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