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50 Examples of Customer Pain Points

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A customer pain point is a perceived problem or shortfall that is a cause of customer dissatisfaction. This can include elements of design, functionality, quality, service, usability and customer experience. The following are common examples of customer pain points.
Poor product quality.
Unfriendly, unhelpful or unprofessional service.
Staff with limited knowledge or power to help.
Firms that are antagonistic towards customers.
Slow service and response times.
Inaccurate orders.
Out-of-stock items.
Lack of flexibility.
Unfair pricing or terms.
Lack of variety and selection.
Loyal customers pay more than new customers.
Crowding and waiting.
Overly aggressive sales and service.
Delays and cancellations.
Perceived impoliteness and disrespect for the customer.
Lack of cleanliness.
Unreliable products and services.
Poor usability.
Lack of configuration options.
Uncomfortable environments.
Lack of functions and features.
Inadequate amenities.
Inconvenient services and self-service options.
Poor taste, smell or sound such as noise.
Lack of information.
Inconsistent products and services.
Poor product performance.
Low capacity products such as short battery life.
Errors and mistakes.
Firms that are perceived as overly political or preachy.
Firms that are perceived as having a negative impact on people and planet.
Lack of pricing transparency, consistency and stability.
Product descriptions that create ambiguity.
Service outages or poor coverage areas.
Language accessibility such as forcing a language based on location.
Being locked-in to a contract or service that’s difficult to cancel.
Insufficient personal attention and support.
Insufficient self-service options.
Changes to products that are perceived as making the product worse.
Confusing terms and conditions.
Products that aren’t intuitive or that are difficult to use.
Products that are dumbed-down with a lack of powerful features.
Quality defects.
Low quality materials.
Safety and security concerns.
Issues of size, weight and portability.
Dissatisfaction with style and aesthetics.
Low quality packaging.
Failure to meet commitments
Firm perceived as inauthentic and fake.
Understanding customer pain points is a basic process for customer advocacy and product improvement.
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