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5 Examples of OEM

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An original equipment manufacturer, commonly abbreviated OEM, is a firm that makes parts that are used in other company's products. In many cases, OEM firms offer customer service even when they don't have a direct distribution link with customers. The following are illustrative examples.


A software company that makes an operating system for computers and mobile devices.

Auto Parts

A manufacture of tires that are mostly sold on new vehicles.


A popular brand of car stereo that are offered as standard or optional equipment on vehicles.


A brand of solar panels that are offered by a builder of new homes.


A brand of zippers that are included in the products of other fashion brands.
Overview: Original Equipment Manufacturer
A firm that makes parts or components in another firm's products.
The term OEM is most often used in relation to manufactured products although similar distribution models exist within services such as a restaurant that serves a particular brand of soft drinks.
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