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6 Examples of a Justification

A justification is a rationale that explains why a position, decision, policy or amount is reasonable and necessary. These are often required for administrative processes such as projects, promotions and budget planning. The following are illustrative examples of a justification.

Budget Justification

Justification for a budget request. These are used as part of budget planning to pitch the budget to those who can approve it. Ideally, a budget request gives specific examples of business need with numbers such as return on investment estimates. A budget justification is designed to be convincing and may create a sense of urgency.
The graphics design team runs software packages that are computing intensive. The desktops currently used by the team are 6 years old and are due for replacement at an estimated cost of $100,000 for 32 new desktops. The graphics design team finds that their computers are currently sluggish. This is likely to become a revenue impacting issue as the team generates $5.6 million in revenue each quarter and is often pressed to meet tight client deadlines. There is a significant risk that millions in revenue could be lost due to a single missed deadline related to the speed of the legacy desktops currently in place.

Project Justification

A project justification is the reason that a project is required. This is used in artifacts such as business cases and project charters to communicate the business need for the project.
The billing system requires an upgrade to handle new services that include usage based charges. These services were launched in January, 2035 and billing is currently handled by a team of freelancers using spreadsheets. This is an error prone and unscalable process that runs the risk of late invoices, incorrect invoices, customer complaints and lost revenue. The current process also costs $70,000 a month in labor that will be fully automated with this project. The 5-year return on investment for the project is estimated at 430% based on these costs alone.

Salary Justification

A justification for the salary of a new hire or a salary increase tied to promotions, high performance or market adjustments. Ideally, this will reference a benchmark salary such as an internal range for a job level or market data.
Current Salary: $140,000

Requested Salary: $160,000

May Lee is a top performer in the development team who led the successful implementation of the sales modeling and approval app that is forecast to improve revenue by $14.4 million next year. As a senior developer and project lead, the current market range for her position is $140,000 - $180,000 putting her at the bottom of the range despite her consistently high performance ratings and major contributions in the most recent quarters.

Promotion Justification

A proposal that outlines why an employee should be promoted to a higher position. This may indicate the support of a manager or executive and reference the recent performance and contributions of the employee.
The business services sales team requires a new manager as Joe Lockhart is retiring in April. Duante Williams has been nominated for this position by our CFO, Mary Getty. Mr. Williams is a seasoned salesperson and top closer who has broad relationships in our industry and with our largest business customers. It is proposed that Mr. Williams be promoted to Sales Manager effective January 1st to allow time for a transition.

Policy Justification

A policy justification outlines the business need for a policy. This may reference problems that the policy addresses or may frame the policy as an opportunity.
The business travel policy previously allowed for team managers to approve business class travel based on business need. This policy was in place for more than a decade before the recent recession introduced new financial constraints and a need for austerity and financial stewardship. The current policy requires non-executive staff to travel by economy and for travel to be preapproved at the director level. As the recession is over and the company has returned to bottom line revenue growth, it is proposed that the previous long standing business travel policy be restored. Traveling to visit operational sites and meet customers is an important element of our business growth and stability. Business class travel is a standard in our industry such that continuing to require economy travel in a growing economy may lead to employee dissatisfaction and increased attrition.

Decision Justification

A decision justification gives a reason for a decision such as the approval or rejection of a request. In many cases, these are somewhat vague in order to avoid counterarguments and disputes.
Upon careful review and consideration of your request for a one year sabbatical, we have decided not to approve your request at this time. In order to ensure adequate staffing levels, we have a long standing policy of approving no more than 3 sabbaticals for a calendar year. We received a total of 8 applications this year and could not approve them all. Although your application had merit, you were not selected. We recognize your high performance and long service with the company. You are welcome to reapply next year.

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