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7 Definitions of Media With Examples

Media is a means of transmitting information, emotion and creative expression to people. The following are its basic definitions with examples.
1. A means of communication or entertainment.
Broadcast media such as television and radio don't allow the audience to publish content as they can with internet media.
2. An industry that produces or distributes communication, informative content and entertainment.
The media sensationalized the event.
3. The information environment of a society.
If you've been paying attention to the media recently you'll know that economists are predicting a recession.
4. A product or service that communicates information or entertainment such as books, magazines, newspapers, radio, LP records, streaming media, television broadcasts, websites and mobile apps.
He had loads of old media in boxes including cassettes and magazines from the 1980s.
5. [advertising, marketing] A creative work or item of content.
She created hundreds of medias for our firm.
6. [art] A mode of artistic or creative expression.
Painting was her medium.
7. [art] A liquid that is mixed with pigment to create paint.
As the name suggests, watercolors use water as media.


Media is plural and medium is singular. There is one exception to this whereby the advertising industry uses the singular "media" to describe a single item of content such as a poster or video. In this context, you could say "what medias have you produced?"


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