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37 Examples of Marketing Strengths

Marketing strengths are talents and know-how that allow an individual to produce superior marketing results in an environment of constraints and competition. This includes diverse areas such as data analysis, influencing and production of creative elements of products, brands, offers and promotions. The following are common examples of marketing strengths.
Product positioning for high market share
Market research and analysis
Data analysis and analytics
Accurate forecasting
Conversion optimization
Message framing for conversions
Crafting offers that sell
Generating and nurturing leads
Closing sales
Negotiation for high margins
Post-sales follow up
Building and sustaining customer relationships
Recovering customer dissatisfaction
Price optimization for market share and margins
Retaining high value customers
Marketing strategy based on data insights
Creative content targeted to an audience
Content testing and optimization
Marketing automation
Effective campaigns across channels
Campaign optimization
Engaging influencers
Digital advertising campaigns
Mobile marketing and in-app advertising
Social media advertising and promotion
Brand storytelling and cohesive brand image
Leveraging emerging market trends
Event marketing and promotion
Public relations and crisis management
Local marketing campaigns
Developing marketing partnerships
Customer feedback and sentiment analysis
Public speaking and presentations to customers and partners
Customer advocacy for measurable improvements
Driving brand awareness and engagement
Managing social media accounts for brand visibility
Go-to-market strategy for high market penetration
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