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52 Examples of Customer Service Performance Goals

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Customer service performance goals are targets for the performance of employees who are dealing directly with customers. These are used to evaluate performance and it is in your best interests to negotiate for reasonable and achievable goals that are nonetheless impressive and valuable to your team. The following are illustrative customer service goals followed by a list of measurements that can be attached to goals to make them SMART.


Goals state what you will do and how this will help the customer.
Improve product knowledge to solve customer issues.
Remain calm and professional to turnaround customer dissatisfaction.
Listen to the customer and ask insightful questions to quickly resolve customer inquiries.
Adapt service style to the customer.
Maintain high levels of professionalism at all times.
Maintain a positive, constructive and friendly attitude to make the customer feel appreciated.
Take initiative to advocate for the customer.
Collaborate across the team to build better solutions to customer problems.
Mentor team members to build up a stronger customer service culture.
Develop strong knowledge of products and services to improve advice to customers and speed of resolution.
Develop detailed knowledge of policies and procedures to improve productivity and compliance with policy.
Work to recover customers who are canceling services.
Establish rapport with customers.
Build relationships with customers.
Improve order accuracy to reduce customer dissatisfaction.
Upsell and cross-sell to increase average order value.
Provide diligent service that pays attention to details such as etiquette.
Provide bills and invoices that are 100% accurate.
Increase speed of service.
Increase service attentiveness by regularly checking in with the customer.
Be flexible to customer requests to find solutions that impress the customer.
Reduce data entry errors by 70%.
Use customer data to improve service interactions.
Use cultural awareness and competence to serve a diverse range of customers.
Improve the timing of customer interactions to be attentive without being invasive.
Make things easier for the customer by owning issues and proactively representing their interests.
Ask customers their preference to personalize things to their needs.


Standard measurements that can be attached to the goals above to make them SMART. Note that a date must also be attached to each SMART goal.
Increase customer satisfaction by 10%.
Increase service ratings to 4/5.
Increase positive ratings by 20%.
Reduce customer complaints by 30%.
Decrease customer returns by 20%.
Turnaround 10% of service cancellation requests.
Improve average response times by 5%.
Decrease wait times to under 30 seconds.
Improve average handle time by 14%.
Improve average speed of answer to 10 minutes.
Increase first call resolution to 90%.
Improve wait times by 10%.
Reduce customer escalations by 17%.
Increase customer referral rate by 10%.
Increase customer retention to 92%.
Decrease customer churn to 1% per month.
Increase revenue per customer by 15%.
Increase upsell sales by 10%.
Increase sales win rate to 60%.
Close sales of $400k.
Achieve 100% compliance with policy.
Decrease reopened ticket rate to 5%.
Achieve a survey response rate of 15%.
Increase customer loyalty by 5%.
Increase five star customer satisfaction ratings by 70%.

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