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6 Service Desk Examples

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Service desk is a customer service function that provides an interface to service support capabilities. It provides a single point of contact for customer inquiries, requests and problems related to a service. The following are examples of common service desk scenarios.


A new employee inquires how to register for the company's sales force automation platform.

Administrative Requests

A trader calls service desk when they forget their password for a stock trading system.

Information Security

An employee calls service desk after they receive a suspicious telephone call asking for the employee's user id.

Change Management

The service desk team of a telecom company calls a major customer to inform them that an infrastructure change will bring their service down for 90 seconds on a Sunday night. Two weeks notice is provided.

Incident Management

An employee calls to report they can't connect to the firm's content management system. Service desk opens a ticket and contacts an administrator who restarts the service.

Problem Management

A content management system has been unstable for several weeks with multiple teams opening up incident tickets. The service desk team follows up on the incidents by opening a problem ticket. The quality assurance team investigates the problem, determines a root cause and schedules a fix. The service desk team notifies everyone who opened a ticket when there is a fix scheduled.
Overview: Service Desk
A customer service interface to service support capabilities such as inquiries, administrative functions, security, change management, incident management and problem management.
Provides a streamlined interface to potentially complex processes such as problem management. A user need only interface with one customer service representative to report an incident or perform an administrative task.
Improves stakeholder perceptions of IT value.
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