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4 Examples of a Bliss Point

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A bliss point is the amount of consumption that maximizes a customer's satisfaction for a particular good or service. For example, the bliss point of ice cream might be one small bowl and the bliss point for travel might be one trip a month. A customer who exceeds their bliss point may feel stressed, unsatisfied or regretful. Bliss point is purely related to a customer's needs and wants as opposed to budget. It has implications for product design, customer experience, diversification and pricing. The following are examples.

Product Design

A restaurant that offers bliss point sized portions may have more satisfied customers. Calculating this size isn't easy and varies by factors such as culture. Generally speaking, a light meal leaves customers feeling positive about a dining experience.

Customer Experience

Delivering to the bliss point and avoiding upselling to the point that the customer regrets their experience. For example, it may be a bad idea for a cafe to push customers to go for larger beverage sizes. Small muffins may be a better upsell item.


Firms looking to increase sales may need to diversify if they have captured a large market share. This is particularly true if their products have a low bliss point. For example, a customer only needs a few mobile devices and may upgrade infrequently. However, they may be willing to download media such as music and movies on a daily basis.


Customers may be willing to pay more for ice cream but may be unwilling to eat more. In some cases, goods that have a low bliss point lend themselves well to price discrimination. If something is a rare treat, some customers will be willing to pay for premium product versions.
Overview: Bliss Point
The quantity of a good that maximizes customer satisfaction.
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