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34 Types of Product Positioning

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Product positioning is the unique identity and value proposition of a product or service. Positioning allows a product to standout in a crowded and competitive market. The following are common types of positioning.
Brand Image - what customers think and feel about your brand
Brand Recognition - customers buy what they recognize
Convenience - making things easier for the customer
Customer Experience - a unique or more valuable customer experience such as a theme park that is more fun
Customer Needs - solving a problem for customers better than competitors
Customer Perceptions - delivering better value from the perspective of the customer e.g. a restaurant that is perceived as healthy
Customer Service - superior customer service such as a friendly restaurant
Customization - tailoring the product to the customer
Epic Experience - offering experiences that are deeply meaningful e.g. a book that inspires a new way of looking at life
Features - how the product works
Figure of Merit - outperforming the competition in a measurable way that customers care about e.g. the conversion efficiency of solar panels
Functions - what the product does
Harmony - offering conflict avoidance / social inclusion
Indulgence - offering indulgent experiences such as unusual levels of comfort
Interoperability - adding value to other things e.g. a phone that can instantly connect to other devices in your home
Legacy - being part of tradition, culture and history
Location - being close to the customer
Market Leadership - being the product everyone buys such that you benefit from social proof
Materials - materials and ingredients that customers seek out
Network Effect - the value that is created by having many customers e.g. a popular nightclub versus an empty nightclub
Origin - originating from a place that is known for high quality products
Packaging - higher quality, more usable or visually appealing packaging
Performance - performance such as the speed of delivery
Personalization - offering something unique to each customer
Price - the lowest price
Quality - superior quality
Relationships - knowing the customer
Risk - reducing risk or being the safest choice
Storytelling - having a story to tell that somehow resonates with customers
Terms - more flexible or fair terms
Unique Selling Points - giving customers a real reason to buy from you
Usability - being more productive and pleasing to use than the competition
Value - the lowest price for some desirable level of quality
Visual Identity - visual branding and product look and feel

Product Positioning

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