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6 Examples of Mass Customization

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Mass customization is the production of unique goods at scale. It is a technique that allows a firm to produce a broad array of product variations to serve different markets, preferences and requirements. The following are illustrative examples.

Mass Production

An advanced production line produces thousands of variations of eyeglass frames. They employ a design team that produces new designs on a weekly basis that may appeal to different customer segments. Each design is initially produced as a small number of units. Designs that sell well are produced at greater volume. The production line can produce frames to any specification within certain ranges.

Mass Production + Customization

A vehicle manufacturer partners with small customization companies that serve a variety of niches. This allows the manufacturer to offer hundreds of customization packages. Base models are manufactured by a mass production process with custom paint. The models are scheduled for further customization by a partner as they roll off the line.

Self-Service Design

A footwear firm offers customers a design tool that allows them to apply options, art and custom colors to base models. Products are produced on a highly automated production line that supports unique designs at certain production steps.


A tailor allows customers to choose from a wide variety of materials and options. The process of designing items involves a professional consultation. For example, the customer will be informed about the traditions and trends surrounding styling options. Clothing is created by a process of mass production of base components and hand tailoring of key steps.

Soft Customization

A mobile device is mass produced such that each unit is identical with the exception of color variations. The device includes software that allows users to customize its interface and functionality.

Self Customization

A bicycle is designed to be easy to disassemble with interchangeable parts between different models. This attracts enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their own bike.
Overview: Mass Customization
The production of unique goods at scale.
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