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7 Types of Made-to-Order

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Made-to-order is production of goods based on customer specifications. The term is typically applied to orders by an individual customer as opposed to a business-to-business sale. The following are the common types of made-to-order.

Mass Customization

Production of customer designed items using mass production techniques. Mass customization typically involves a design or configuration tool for customers. For example, a website that allows customers to create their own eye glass frames from original art.

Job Production

Production of items one at a time from customer specifications such as a wedding cake that was designed by a customer in consultation with a pastry chef.

Batch Production

A production technique that applies a series of processing steps on items together as a batch. This is a common way to create promotional items such as cookies that look like a corporate logo.


Customizing something that has been mass produced. For example, vehicle manufacturers may offer options that are added after the manufacturing process by the dealership or an auto customization shop.


Suits tailored to the customer by a professional tailor. The term implies an unrestricted design where anything is possible as opposed to a menu of customization options. Bespoke is also commonly used to describe custom software development.

Haute Couture

A type of fashion that is designed for an individual and occasion by a fashion designer. French for "high dressmaking." Haute couture depends on the art of the fashion designer whereby the customer doesn't fully participate in the design.


Craft is production by hand or partially by hand. The term is also loosely applied to small scale production such as a small brewery. Craft is often designed to customer requirements such as a furniture designer who produces items for a particular interior design.
Overview: Made-to-Order
Definition (1)
The production of goods based on customer specifications.
Definition (2)
The production of unique goods for a customer.
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