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15 Examples of Risk Objectives

Risk objectives are targets for risk management and any other efforts to reduce the costs of risk. These are typically framed in terms of measurable business benefits as follows.

Risk Exposure

Risk exposure is an estimate of the probable cost of a risk.
Reduce 5-year IT risk exposure by 37% to $1.3 million by mitigating legacy system risks.
Reduce revenue risk for new releases with audience testing strategies. Target: exceed revenue forecasts by 5% or more.
Reduce project risk by validating project estimates using reference class forecasting. Target: schedule and budget within 5% of target for all projects.
Reduce future environmental liability by $4.4 by managing environmental risks.
Reduce estimated future operational costs by $14.5 by managing risks to critical infrastructure and facilities.

Cost of Risk

Cost of risk includes all losses due to risk plus the cost of managing risk. For example, this would include costs such as insurance that are used to transfer risk.
Reduce the cost of IT risk to $2 million per year.
Reduce the cost of fire risk to our home to $50 a month.

Maximum Risk Exposure

Targets for the maximum impact of a risk, regardless of probability. This is a common type of objective where businesses and individuals are concerned with reducing a worst-case scenario.
Cap maximum losses related to construction material damage at $100,000 a month with risk mitigating controls.
Limit my maximum possible nominal investment losses to 20% this year.

Risk Probably

Reduce the probability of a risk.
Reduce the probably of a kitchen fire at the facility by 50%.
Reduce the probably of inherent risk towards zero with financial controls.

Risk Impact

Reduce the impact of risks that do occur.
Reduce serious injuries to zero with safety protocols, monitoring and equipment.
Reduce the revenue impact of data center outages by 80%.


Compliance to risk management related audits and regulations.
Achieve _____ compliance by Q4 2034.
Close issues #54 and #42 in the ____ audit to achieve ____ certification.

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