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15 Examples of Economic Risk

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Economic risk is the probability that changes in the greater economy will result in a loss to you or your organization. This includes the potential impact of global, national or regional economic fluctuations to have a negative impact. The following are common examples of economic risks.
Commodity Risk
Adverse change to commodity prices.
Concentration Risk
A lack of diversification.
Cost Risk
The risk of a cost increase for a particular good or service.
Credit Risk
The risk that borrowers won't pay you.
Currency Risk
Adverse exchange rate fluctuations.
Deflation Risk
The risk of a deflationary environment.
Demand Risk
Potential for demand for goods or services to collapse.
Inflation Risk
The risk of a sustained increase in price levels.
Interest Rate Risk
Adverse change to interest rates.
Labor Risk
Adverse change to labor markets such as a lack of skilled job candidates.
Liquidity Risk
The risk that a market will lack buyers and sellers.
Market Risk
Risks related to market conditions such as prices and liquidity.
Political Risk
Political instability that shuts down economic activity.
Recession Risk
The risk of a sustained economic downturn.
Supply Risk
Inability to secure supplies and business inputs.
Overview: Economic Risk
The probability that changes in the greater economy will result in a loss.
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