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Uncanny Valley

17 Examples of Automation

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Automation is work performed by information technologies and machines. The following are illustrative examples.


A self-service checkout counter at a supermarket that performs functions historically performed by a cashier such as accepting payment.

Business Rules

An application for a banking product that is accepted or rejected by a system based on predefined business rules.

Decision Algorithms

A stock trading algorithm that decides how to buy and sell stocks based on a mathematical model and market data.


A space probe with semi-autonomous functionality. For example, a planetary rover might decide to take a particular soil sample.

Machine Automation

Machines that perform repetitive labor such as packaging peanuts.


A robot is any machine with semi-autonomous functions. For example, a vacuum cleaner might clean a room itself without much need of direction.


A workflow engine that orchestrates a business process by deciding how to assign work to employees based on data and business rules.


A script that is run at a specific time each day to clean up disk space on a web server.


An operating system that self-repairs broken files.

Artificial Intelligence

An artificial intelligence that has learned what a pedestrian looks like in a wide variety of conditions that can automatically apply the breaks of a car that is about to hit one.

Self-Driving Vehicle

A self-driving electric truck that makes long distance deliveries without a driver.

Event Processing

A home that automatically unlocks the front door when it senses an authorized occupant approaching with a bag of groceries.


A process that automatically shares data between two governments.


A personal assistant that attempts to reschedule your meetings when you are sick.

Virtual Environments

A bot in a game that competes with human players.


A refrigerator that decides to notify its owner that a carton of milk appears to have expired.

Swarm Intelligence

Very small robots who self-organize to build a product to customer specifications.
Overview: Automation Examples
Work performed by information technologies and machines.
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