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84 Examples of a Technology Business

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A technology business is a business that generates or captures value from technology. Historically, this was synonymous with computer hardware and software companies. With the commercialization of the internet in the 1990s, technology businesses grew to include ecommerce and a plethora of digital business models. The following are current examples of a technology business.
Bricks & clicks
Business process outsourcing
Business software
Cloud computing
Cloud storage
Coding freelance
Communication services
Computer hardware
Consumer electronics
Content subscriptions
Contract manufacturing / 3d printing
Creative services
Data analytics
Data visualization
Datasets, Databases & APIs
Digital advertising
Digital animation
Digital art
Digital content
Digital design
Digital education
Digital marketing
Digital markets
Digital media
Digital music
Digital payments
Digital photography
Digital product sales
Digital publishing
Digital templates
Domain names
Ecommerce platforms
Ecommerce sellers and resellers
Electronic vehicles
Event tickets
Fashion tech
Financial services
Fitness tech
Game content
Gig economy
Grammar tools and proofreading
Green energy tech
Home automation
Home security
IT consulting
Infrastructure as a Service
Internet cafe
Machine learning and AI
Managed software
Mass customization
Mobile apps
Mobile devices & accessories
Online auctions
Online communities
Online school
Online tutoring
Printing services
Productivity software
Repair & maintenance
Sharing economy
Simulators & serious games
Smart devices
Social media marketing
Software as a service
Software support services
Space industry
Streaming media content
Subscription boxes
System integrator
Technology media (e.g. tech reporting)
Travel services
Video game mods
Video games
Virtual goods
Virtual reality
Visual effects (VFX)
Vlogging and livestreaming
Web design
The global economy is currently undergoing a process known as convergence whereby most industries are increasingly viewed as technology businesses.
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