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8 Tests For Artificial Intelligence

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An artificial intelligence test is any procedure designed to gauge the intelligence of machines. They are used to compare techniques and implementations of AI. Artificial intelligence tests are also used to define artificial intelligence and answer questions such as whether machines can "think" or be self-aware.

Turing Test

The Turing Test was proposed in 1950 when computing was in its infancy. It involves a series of machine-to-human and human-to-human conversations over text chat. The idea is that only an intelligent machine could imitate a human in conversation. The turing test was theoretical for decades until machines started passing it in the 1990s. It is now considered a weak test and it is often altered in one way or another to make it more difficult. As such, the term turing test has become practically synonymous with artificial intelligence testing.

Reverse Turing Test

A generic term for any computer algorithm designed to tell the difference between humans and bots.


A type of reverse turning test that requires users to complete a challenge to show that they are human.

Game Bot Turing Test

The ability to identify human and bot players in a game, without chat enabled.

Graphics Turing Test

The ability to distinguish between a simulated visual experience and reality. Not necessarily a test of artificial intelligence unless the simulated experience includes interactions with AI entities.

Imitation Game

A common term for any test that involves AI pretending to be human.

Minimum Intelligent Signal Test

A version of the turing test that only allows for yes/no and true/false answers. Allows for automated test scripts to test AI designs.

Subject Matter Expert Turing Test

A turing test performed by a subject matter expert such as an AI researcher or psychiatrist.

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