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52 Examples of Help Desk

Help desk is a service that supports technology environments including acting as the first line of technical support for incidents and single point of contact for end-users. This can involve support for all the foundational IT services of an organization including devices, networks, desktops, systems, applications and computing infrastructure. Help desk acts as the first point of contact and can escalate issues to second line support teams as appropriate. The following are common examples of help desk functions.
Access Requests e.g. setting up new users
Application Testing
Automate Maintenance
Automate Monitoring & Escalation
Availability Management
Backup & Restore
Build & Maintain a Service Knowledge Base
Business Continuity Management
Call Logging
Capacity Management
Change Control
Customer / Client Service e.g. one-to-one via phone, email, messaging
Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Monitoring
Decommission IT Assets
Enforcing Policy & Procedures
Escalation to Second Line Support (Tier 2)
Establishing & Improving Help Desk Scripts and Workflows
First Line Technical Support (Tier 1)
Hardware Reuse & Recycling
Help Desk Reporting
IT Asset Management
IT Procurement
Identifying Defects
Implementing Change Requests e.g. firewall rules
Incident Management
Information Security Upgrades & Patches
Internal Controls e.g. approvals for access requests
Inventory Tracking
License Management
Maintain & Follow Standard Operating Procedures
Maintenance Planning & Schedules
Monitoring System Logs / Alerts
Network Monitoring & Support
Problem Management
Problem Resolution Scripts
Root Cause Analysis
SLA Management
Security Checks
Standards Documentation
Support IT Audits
Support IT Devices
System Administration
System Maintenance
Technical Support for Events
Technology Evaluation & Selection
Technology Maintenance & Repair
Ticket Management
User Guidance e.g. showing user how to submit change request
User Inquires
User Support
User Training
Vendor Management

Service Management

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