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11 Examples of Interoperability

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Interoperability is the design of things to work together. The term implies compatibility and integration without any special customization effort. The following are common examples.

Client / Server

A web browser and a web page work together if they are based on the same standards.

Software Services

Software services or components may be designed to share data or extend each others functionality. For example, a contact management app might integrate with a sales force automation tool to sync sales contacts.


A mouse plugs that into a laptop and starts working immediately.


A music file that plays on a portable music player.


Two models of network router that are able to exchange internet traffic at high speed.


A fire hose adapter is compatible with a fire hydrant.

Power Supply

All the electronics sold in a country plug into a standard power supply in that country.

File Formats

A camera and image editing software support the same image format.


An aircraft is designed to work with airport facilities such as gates.


A heart rate monitor integrates with a hospital's systems out of the box.


Railways with conforming track and operational standards can share rail traffic.
Overview: Interoperability
Things that are designed to work together.
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